“A subversive plot: how to grow a revolution in your own backyard”

Hands down, one of the BEST explanations of the importance of the current urban gardening movement. Roger Doiron is on point, using humor alongside inescapable facts to urge us to get out there and grow something. He is the founder and director of Kitchen Gardeners International (www.KGI.org), a Maine-based nonprofit network of over 30,000 individuals from 100 countries who are taking a hands-on approach to relocalizing the food supply. In 2007, he was chosen as a Food and Community Fellow.

“Increasing access to foods that are healthy for us and the planet is the biggest challenge we face. Kitchen gardens will be a key part of the solution and represent a cost-effective investment. Everyone has a rold to play in planting and promoting them. Grow your subversive plot today.”

Please enjoy this eighteen minute video. If you are already an avid gardener, you will come away encouraged to press on and do more! If you are still on the fence, be prepared for a bit of a nudge. Either way, it will be eighteen minutes well-spent.

About Simplicity Rebel

At our house we enjoy simplicity. We enjoy spending time together, sharing great meals and fun in the garden, including friends and family to relax and revel in good company and low stress! Of special interest to me is the art of what I refer to as "prosperous frugality". In other words, living simply and inexpensively while maintaining an attitude of prosperity and abundance. Frugality does not mean doing without necessities or feeling deprived. Rather, it is a lifestyle of using what we NEED, graciously sharing with others, and cultivating an attitude of gratitude in all things. This mindset led me to establish The Community GATE...a Give And take Experience, an organization dedicated to strengthening our communities one at a time through personal involvement and neighborly responsibility. I live in the suburbs. I do not live on a huge farm, nor do I have the luxury of an unlimited budget. However, we believe that even with a small piece of ground and a bit of ingenuity, we can bring a significant amount of produce to our table and have enough to share with our neighbors and loved ones. Also dear to my heart is the statement "a penny saved is a penny earned". Sometimes we need to reach out and create more income, while at other times we simply need to carefully reduce wastefulness so that our income goes further. From creative use of kitchen leftovers to thrifty uses of water for the garden, sometimes it is a matter of trimming the waste and using resources we didn't even know we already had! I enjoy bringing old skills back to the modern age, always learning new things along the way! Many skills such as bread baking, sewing, even gardening without excess chemicals or machinery will soon be lost altogether if we do not purposely keep them alive. Not everyone will employ all of these skills, but self-reliance and personal independence demand that someone carry the torch...it is my goal to carry it well and pass it forward!
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